Following two well received AA-Side releases and touring the UK with LA psych juggernauts Wand, Margate four piece Gang set to work on putting together debut LP - 925 ‘Til I Die - in the Autumn of 2016 in the band's very own converted garage studio and was finished there in late Spring 2017.

“925 'Til I Die will cradle your brain in it's vice-like grip for hours, weeks, months, life-times - rendering each one of it's songs to be likened less to ear-worms but more ear-snakes - each endowed with fangs that are loaded with adrenaline and anxiety in equal measure. Hypnotic pop melodies spiral into chaos and madness, unfurling and recoiling, twisting, jutting and flailing, shifting, shuddering and shedding shadowy sonic rainbows with a fluid unease that is like nothing else. Embalm your soul, wanderer, but take heed; when you die your skull will remain haunted by the spectral verse..."