Joe Goddard is a busy man. One half of the main writing duo in the band Hot Chip, he also DJs by himself, as well as with The 2 Bears, a collaboration with Raf Rundell that's more rooted in house music. After collaborating with vocalist Valentina to create one of 2012's best singles, the sparklingly infectious "Gabriel", he went on to work with another strong female singer, the freshly Mercury prize-nominated and much-hyped Jessie Ware.  

You could call him the Woody Allen of intelligent dance pop. "I really love working, and I realise you don't have for ever to keep working," Goddard muses. "I was watching this documentary about Woody Allen, and how he doesn't really take time off. He just starts the next film. Not every film is going to be amazing – he just likes the process. I just like the process." If there's one thing that comes through in all his various musical outings, it's a sense of joy.