Serafina Steer has made 3 albums as a solo artist. The last of which came out on Stolen recordings in 2013 'The Moths Are Real'. This album was well received (4/5 stars in The Sunday Times, Guardian, Mojo etc) and was produced by Jarvis Cocker. Serafina studied classical harp and the songs on these records are mainly written for this instrument.

In 2015, in need of a change, Serafina learnt to play the bass guitar and started a no harp band called Bas Jan with Jenny Moore (drums) and Sarah Anderson (electric) violin and Emma Smith. This is now her principal songwriting project. Bas Jan have received recording funding by PRS for their forthcoming album (being co-produced by Leo Abrahams and Leafcutter John). They have been featured on Jarvis Cocker's 'Likely stories' soundtrack EP (Rough Trade) and which was performed live at the BFI. Their performance at Serpentine Gallery was broadcast on Radio 3 Late Junction.

Serafina broke her wrist in the summer and at the time of writing we don't have a clue what she is going to do at By The Sea but you can bet your bum it's going to blow your minds.